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Studio Technologies AN2 Stereo Simulator

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Product Description-

Needs some noise but works

The Studio Technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator utilizes new discoveries in the way the human brain processes sound information.
All natural musical instruments, whether singly or in groups, emit complex sounds with the overtones and room reflections arriving at the two ears in different patterns of phase, intensity, and time relationships. These relationships create the subjective impression of space and depth. The AN-2 Stereo Simulator creates two incoherent signals from one source; simulating a stereo perception at the ears of the listener.


Recording Studios
Many times, multi-track recording of voices, an instrument or group of instruments must be assigned to a single track. This results in the loss of the complex overtones and relationships in their true sound. The AN-2 Stereo Simulator recreates that stereo space and depth. This makes it especially useful with purely electronic instruments such as synthesizers and guitars—instruments usually assigned to a pan pot during mixdown (a mono device). The AN-2 Stereo Simulator creates a much more pleasing “spread” to the sound, allowing the instrument to be heard even in the most complex mixes. Also, by using the AN-2 Stereo Simulator’s modulation feature, many new effects are possible such as stereo chorusing and stereo pitch bends. The AN-2 Stereo Simulator has a place in both small and large studios as a track saver and versatile enhancer.

Broadcast & Film

Unlike most outboard devices such as time delays, harmonizers and equalizers, the AN-2 Stereo Simulator is fully mono compatible. This means recordings produced with the AN-2 Stereo Simulator suffer no balance distortion when heard on AM radio. The AN-2 Stereo Simulator is also a valuable resource for television broadcasters that offer stereo transmission since much of the material they must broadcast is, in fact, monaural. And it’s ideal for converting mono film tracks to a fuller, more contemporary “stereo” sound for either broadcast or theatre use. As a very affordable method for creating stereo sound from mono materials, the AN-2 Stereo Simulator is without equal.

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