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Sony PCM-7030 Professional DAT Recorder

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The Sony PCM-7030 DAT recorder offers high quality 2-channel digital recording with SMPTE time code.

This time code DAT recorder is ideally suited for interchanging audio between recording studios and video post production facilities, and is well suited for a wide- range of audio recording applications where time code synchronization and external control are required.


Confidence Monitoring
Designed with a 4- head rotary system , the
PCM-7030 recorder provides two recording modes, RAW (Read-After-Write) and RMW (Read-Modify-Write). In RAW mode, real-time off tape monitoring is provided. In the RMW mode, the PCM-7030 allows enhanced punch in and punch out operation with crossfading at the punch in and out points.

Comprehensive Serial Remote Control
PCM-7030 is equipped with a 9-pin serial remote connector for convenient control from external equipment. This includes Sony video controllers such as BVE-2000, BVE-9100 and RM-450 for audio-follow-video applications. For computer control automation applications, the PCM-7030 also features an RS-232C connector.

Variable Speed Playback
The precision-controlled transport of the
PCM-7030 allows the playback speed to be varied over a range of ±12.5%.

Variable Speed Recording
Varispeed recording is also possible allowing " pull up" and " pull down" ±1% recording sample rates (for example, 48.048kHz or 47.952kHz). Pull up or pull down recordings permit automatic ±0.01% speed change during playback for film/video post production when necessary.

Memory Start Function
Approximately 3 seconds of audio data from around the play starting point is stored in a stereo digital sound memory and this memorized sound is output instantly when the play key is pressed. This eliminates the problem of the output sound being delayed, which is inherent in a rotary head system and makes the
PCM-7030 suitable for on-air applications and audio post production. The start point can be trimmed and the designated start point can be rehearsed any number of times. When operating the time code locate or start ID locate function in memory start mode, the PCM-7030 automatically stores that audio data around the locate point for instant playback.

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