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Shure FP42 4 Input 2 Output Mixer

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Product Information

The FP42 is a 4-input, 2-output, compact, self-contained stereo mixer for applications in broadcasting, recording and sound reinforcement. The high-reliability FP42 integrates all the operating features of a professional stereo mixer in a single unit-small and lightweight enough for location use, but with the reliability of a studio console.


- Wide, flat frequency response, low distortion, and high output level
- Reliable operation under all temperature and humidity conditions
- Protected against RF interference and damage from input overload and shorted outputs
- Four transformer-coupled XLR inputs, each microphone-line switchable with low-cut filters and cuing function
- Full-separation pan pots with center detent on each input for precise spatial positioning
- Phantom power for condenser microphone operation
- Built-in tone oscillator permits level checking and line testing
- Left- and right-channel transformer-coupled XLR outputs, with microphone-line and mono-stereo switches
- Parallel stereo headphone jacks (1/4-inch and mini) with level control
- Left and right mix bus jacks
- Active, feedback-type input gain controls for high-level input signals without input attenuators
- Adjustable-threshold limiter with left- and right-channel peak indicators
- VU meters with range switch and battery check function
- Left- and right-channel master level controls and ganged headphone level control
- Powered by ac (120 or 240V-internally selectable) or built-in battery pack
- Noiseless and automatic switchover to and from battery power
- Rugged, durable construction
- Compact and lightweight for field use and transporting 

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