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Panasonic SV-3700 Professional DAT Recorder

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Item Description

The Panasonic SV-3700 is a fourth-generation Pro-DAT machine, designed specifically for professionai applications, it features an enhanced dynamic range, instrumentation quality input and output analog interfaces for extended linearity and reduced distortion.

SV-3700 uses One-bit A-to-D Converters which offer dramatically improved performance and linearity when compared to conventional successive-approximation PCM converters. One-bit ADCs with 64-times oversam-piing filtering significantly reduce both signal and zero-cross distortion, producing cleaner, clearer audio signal at low as well as high recording levels. The result is an accuracy in the spectral balance, ambience and space around instruments that form a vital part of natural musical sounds.

SV-3700 also employs high resolution D-to-A converter systems to ensure optimum replay quality, by effectively removing zero-cross distortion and enhancing linearity at low signal levels.

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