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LaFont LP-28 Theater Speaker Silencer

  • 9999

Product Description

The LP28 was originally designed to silence a room where there's a live microphone in the studio, for example when recording ADR or Foley. You can wire the unit into the mixing desk so that selecting the mic channel activates the LP28, automatically muting the speakers, with two advantages. First, there is no accidental mic feedback, and no background amp hiss on your recordings In addition, The LP28 has found favor with live venue situations: silencing speakers in-between performances, intervals, and so on. Also, where a studio is equipped with multiple loudspeakers, not all of which will be in use all of the time (especially where surroundsound is in use). The 'redundant' speakers will under normal circumstances, produce a potentially distracting amount of noise unless someone takes the trouble to switch the amplifiers off. Each LP-28 unit can handle two channels and is certainly recommendable, but you'll have to know why you want it.

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